Kaju Kopra Sheera – A Dessert Delightful As None Other

Kaju Kopra Sheera - A Dessert Delightful As None Other

Mithai, we can always get from exterior. But after we make mithai in your own home, it has a unique charm.

Nonetheless, at times we have been discovered lagging on how to make mithai at your home. The know how is lacking.

From time to time just one may well think that a single might not be ready to arrange sweets in addition to a caterer does.

Or a person could compare oneself with Other people.

But like a issue of simple fact, if you are aware of a recipe perfectly, making ready excellent mithai preparations in your house just isn’t all that challenging.

Kaju Kopra Sheera is not difficult for making, it’s totally nutritious and very delightful also.

Should you have been over a lookout for some coconut dishes or some chic and straightforward coconut dessert recipes, shock your company this time more than with some delectable home made mithai.



Preparation Time 10 minutes

Cooking Time 15 minutes

Serves four


1 cup (100 grams) cashew nuts coarsely powdered

1 cup grated coconut

3/four cup sugar

one/four teaspoon cardamom (elaichi) powder

A few saffron strands

4 tablespoon ghee


four to six cashew nuts

Kaju Kopra Sheera would be the Cashew nut Coconut Pudding.

The components we want are coarsely powdered cashew nuts, grated coconut, cashew nuts, ghee or clarified butter, chopped pistachio, powdered cardamom, some saffron and sugar.

First, we are going to roast cashew powder in clarified butter.

Pour clarified butter in to the pan.

Set in a few cashew powder.

Now, we will add refreshing grated coconut.

Next we insert in cardamom powder.

Then sugar.

When sugar receives dissolved, We are going to garnish the Kaju Kopra Halwa with cashew nuts, chopped pistachios and saffron, and afterwards serve.

The pudding is completely ready.

Now we are going to serve.

Right before serving, we could garnish it. It’s best to provide it warm.

It is a very nutritious recipe. Let us look into a few of the well being benefits of coconuts.

Coconuts are great for immunity.

They are anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti parasitic.

Practical in therapeutic Conditions including influenza, throat bacterial infections, herpes, bronchitis and diverse other infections caused by microbes.

Coconuts form a nutritious and delightful supply of nutritional vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

With its antioxidant Attributes which slow down growing old, coconuts maintain 1 young and delightful.

Coconut retains the hair nutritious and lustrous.

It facilitates therapeutic of pores and skin Issues for example dermatitis.

For supporting powerful and healthier bones and tooth, coconut functions pretty well. They enhance human body’s capability to assimilate calcium and magnesium, and assistance protect against osteoporosis.